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Act with integrity. Be fair. Be authentic.

These words by J.W. Marriott, Jr. ring true at PETTIGREW.

The leadership team shares a passionate vision for PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES: To achieve a position of respect and integrity as a technologically advanced, quality oriented firm. As a progressive business in the 21st century, the P&A executive management team instills that same enthusiasm throughout the company. We mentor our managers, provide them training, armor them with authority along with their responsibility, and provide guidance along the way. We encourage an innovative culture where diverse people work toward a common goal and all ideas are valid for consideration.

We invite you to meet our management team of experienced professionals committed to making your experience with PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES exceptional, as well as our Team Members.

Key Team Members


Cathie Ross

Henry DeLara
Staff Accountant

Tonya Jones
Billing Coordinator

Lehnis Williams
Administrative Assistant


Charity Benton
Marketing Director

Office Management

Erica Martinez Pacheco
Office Manager

Board of Directors

Debra P. Hicks, PE/LSI

Debra P. Hicks, PE/LSI

Wm. Tres Hicks, PE, PS
Executive Vice President

Randall T. Pettigrew, PE (TX)
Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer


Amy Chavez
QA/QC Technician (Interim)

Erica Hart, PG
Radiation Safety Officer

Susana Rodriguez
Radiation Safety Officer

Susana Rodriguez
Safety Coordinator/Executive Assistant

Henry Delara
Fleet Management


Debra P. Hicks, PE/LSI

Celina Folmar, PE

Claudius Sanchez Czyzewska, PE

David Roybal, PE
Project Managers

Erica Hart, PG
Professional Geologist/Senior Project Manager

Laxmi Paneru, EI

Jonathan Carey, EI
Engineer Intern III

Caitlin Jackson, EI
Austin Wall, EI
Juan Saenz, EIT
Engineer Intern II

Juan Dominguez
Engineering Technician II

Rodney Sumrult

Senior Engineering Technician 

Susana Rodriguez
Evan Witkowski
Technical Resource Specialist

Julio Esquivel, CST I
CADD/GIS Technician

Caitlyn McNabb
CADD/GIS Technician

Kate Bolivar
CADD/GIS Technician


Wm. Tres Hicks, PE, PS

Jeremy Baker, PE
Senior Project Manager

Ray Benavidez, CST II
Survey Chief of Parties

Christopher Castillo

Survey Chief of Parties

Kyle Walker, LSI
Surveyor Intern I

Lee Flores
Jared Baeza, CST I
Survey Technician II

Construction Services

Randall T. Pettigrew, PE (TX)

Materials Testing

Lab/Field Technician Supervisor

Zach Robertson
Engineering Technician III (in-lab)

Nancy Ward
Engineering Technician III

Amy Chavez
Engineering Technician II

Laura Castillo
Esau Puentes
Engineering Technician I

Construction Inspection

Rick Williams
Construction Inspection Supervisor

Teo Cano, EI
Carlos Hernandez, EI
Engineer Intern II

Joe Mimbela, EI
LeAnne Blaeser
Engineering Technician II

Courtney Pilkington
Technical Specialist I

Carol Bozeman
Lab Assistant


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