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Act with integrity. Be fair. Be authentic.

These words by J.W. Marriott, Jr. ring true at PETTIGREW.

The leadership team shares a passionate vision for PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES: To achieve a position of respect and integrity as a technologically advanced, quality oriented firm. As a progressive business in the 21st century, the P&A executive management team instills that same enthusiasm throughout the company. We mentor our managers, provide them training, armor them with authority along with their responsibility, and provide guidance along the way. We encourage an innovative culture where diverse people work toward a common goal and all ideas are valid for consideration.

We invite you to meet our management team of experienced professionals committed to making your experience with PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES exceptional, as well as our Team Members.

Executive Team

Debra P. Hicks
Debra P. Hicks, PE/LSI, President & CEO, Principal Engineer

W.M. (Tres) Hicks
W.M. (Tres) Hicks, PE/PS, Executive Vice President, Principal Surveyor

Randall T. Pettigrew
Randall T. Pettigrew, PE, Senior Vice President,  Chief Operating Officer



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