Construction Inspection Supervisor

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Salary Exempt


Oversees construction inspection activities on projects, monitors projects for construction compliance. Establishes project procedures for construction inspectors, initiates Engineer Change Requests, reviews Contractor Requests for Information and provides responses in coordination with Record Engineer, reviews contractor pay requests, change orders, and construction close-out.  Initiates document revisions and plan reviews.  Receives and distributes test reports. Prepares punch-list and close-out procedures, and performs post-construction services and investigations as needed.


  1. Certified Senior Engineering Technician (S.E.T.)
  2. Current Construction Materials Testing Level IV Certification in Soils, Concrete, and Asphalt in accordance with the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET)
  3. .Senior Engineering Technician Certification (NICET) (or able to obtain same within 6 months)
  4. Current Laboratory Technician Certifications for Aggregate, Asphalt/Superpave,  and Superpave Mix Design in accordance with the requirements set forth by the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT)
  5. 5-7 years experience in Construction Materials Testing including Mix Design
  6. Bachelors Degree in Construction Management, Engineering or Engineering Technology  (or equivalent experience)

 All other requirements for employment with Pettigrew will apply. 


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