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Salary Exempt

Engineer Manager will plan, organize, direct and control the engineering department.

1. Oversees the engineering function of the business to meet client needs by performing skilled,
technical work in the planning, design, and construction of projects. Much of the work
involves the coordination and gathering of data from outside agencies, as well as providing
pertinent information to clients, contractors and developers.
2. Supervise and/or coordinate work efforts of the engineering department and make hiring
3. Review, organize and plan the Engineering schedule to assure projects are completed ontime.
Establish mentoring programs for new hires. Assign projects based on skills and
4. Prepare Fee Proposals in response to clients and prospects.
5. Verify and document departmental employees are appropriately trained for the job duties.
6. Verify that Engineering staff maintains proper documentation necessary for conversation
records, time sheets, project records, vehicle operation and maintenance records.
7. Oversee and monitor engineering equipment to ensure that it is properly maintained,
calibrated and fully accounted for on a regular schedule.
8. Resolve problems with local government officials, inspectors, customer’s representatives and
work crew on job sites or delegate as needed. Review completed work to assure that
engineering group complies with all applicable Professional, Federal, State, and Local laws and
9. Coordinate and collaborate with other department leads.
1. Education – BS in Civil Engineering or related field.
2. Experience - This position requires a minimum five years of experience in Civil Engineering
including disaster response, planning, preparation of feasibility studies, funding applications,
design and construction engineering, construction management, observation, and project
closeout. Project experience should include transportation, bridges and low water crossings,
ADA improvements, commercial and public sites, multi-family housing, shopping centers,
drainage structures, water systems, storm drainage systems, water distribution and
wastewater collection;
3. Candidate must have strong design skills, and have the ability to supervise the design team in
developing plans.
4. Must be proficient with all aspects of AutoCAD Civil 3 and associated modules, AASHTO
design guides, T\LPA procedures. IBC, and standard construction specifications.
5. Is of good moral character and reputation.
6. Must have soft skills to appropriately support and manage department personnel.
7. Must have strong organizational skills to manage projects, be self-directed with excellent
verbal and written communication skills.
8. Must possess a current, valid New Mexico driver’s license and a driving record acceptable to
Pettigrew & Associates’ insurance carrier.
9. Licensing and Certification – Must be a current licensed Professional Engineer in New Mexico
or able to obtain same within one year of employment.
All other requirements for employment with Pettigrew will apply


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