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Based on experience

ROLE: Maintains and updates Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and for projects and/or
assessment maps; does related work as required.


1. Participates in the development of GIS and CAD databases to support departments with a
    range of projects including but not limited to, construction projects, sanitary sewers, drainage,
    and water and road design.
2. Maintains maps, digitizing new sub-divisions and utilities, and deed verifications.
3. Receives and responds to requests for GIS and CAD support working closely with other
4. Revises existing systems by digitizing existing utilities to integrate with GIS and CAD.
5. Maintains infrastructure maps.
6. Prepares GIS reports and analysis for various projects.
7. Digitizes new subdivision maps and deed verification records for assessment purposes,
    including reading of metes and bounds, verification of boundaries and changes to deeds.
8. Collects and assembles data concerning the development of digital data which can be
    integrated into the GIS database.
9. Participates in department meetings for the purpose of work review, project planning and
10. Performs duties as a survey crew member for GIS data gathering and surveying used to collect
    and stake out existing and new assets and infrastructure.


1. Good knowledge of the general principles of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and CAD
    (Computer Aided Design).
2. Ability to work independently on requests for graphic information; follow oral and written
    directions; prepare and interpret data in a range of digital formats; and reason logically
3. Any acceptable combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from a
    related two year degree program and three (3) or more years of successful, progressively
    responsible work to advanced cadastral and engineering drafting experience preferably
    including a minimum of one - two (1-2) years of supervisory experience; OR
4. An equivalent combination of experience, education and training which provides the desired
    knowledge, skills and abilities.
5. Bachelor of Science Geographic Information Systems or related field preferred.​ 

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