Lab/Field Technician Supervisor

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Supervise the Construction Materials and Geotechnical Field and Laboratory testing personnel
and perform laboratory and field testing as necessary.


  1. Serve as lead field and laboratory testing technician
  2. Perform and Supervise testing of soils, asphalt, concrete and aggregate.
  3. Schedule all testing, prioritize testing, oversee and participate in daily operation of the field and laboratory testing.
  4. Report directly to Laboratory Manager and or Principal Engineer.
  5. Oversee and monitor equipment to ensure proper maintenance and calibration.
  6. Communicate with client, contractor and other parties involved with project, including architect, structural engineer or other consultants.
  7. Perform and document on-site evaluations and trainings on all field and laboratory technicians.
  8. Perform daily review of technician field and lab reports.
  9. Perform daily review of technician time sheets.
  10. Maintain an acceptable driving record.


  1. 3 years relevant experience testing soil, aggregates, portland cement concrete, and hotmix.
  2. ACI Field Testing Technician Grade I Certification
  3. DOT, or equivalent, Certification in Soils, Aggregates, and Hotmix
  4. Proven ability to manage others
  5. ACI Strength Testing Technician or ability to gain certification within 6 months of employment
  6. ACI Concrete and Laboratory Testing Technician – Level 1 or ability to gain certification within 6 months of employment


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