Sps-Psco Tie Line 345 Kv Power Line

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Sps-Psco Tie Line 345 Kv Power Line

Southwestern Public Service Company (SPS), a subsidiary of Xcel Energy, Inc., contracted with PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES for a substantial tie line project, stretching from Texas to Colorado. Phase I of the SPS-PSCo tie line, the 220-mile 345kV line from Potter County in Texas to Holcomb, Kansas was completed in September of 2001. Phase II of the project consisted of the remaining 105 miles of 345 kV line from Kansas to Colorado, new 345 and 230 kV substations, and a 210 MW High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) converter at Lamar, Colorado.

PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES completed topographic, boundary, and Right of Way surveys for the 325-mile power transmission tie line traversing 11 counties, four states, and five State Plane Coordinate system zones. The firm developed a horizontal and vertical control network with 13 working zones, based on the State Plane System, which produced a single contiguous project specific coordinate system for design, land ties, and boundary and easement calculations in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado. This system maintained coordinate positional error to less than 0.15 feet in all locations across the entire 325-mile project. In addition, P&A performed geotechnical investigations for foundation design for all PI structures as well as quality control testing during construction.

The $3.3 million survey project spanned over a period of approximately four years, equating to approximately $800,000 per year in addition to other ongoing work.

Specific tasks included:

  • Right of Way Services
  • Preparation of Plats and Legals
  • Topographical Survey
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Construction Staking
  • Civil Site Design for Substations
  • Construction Materials Testing


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