National Enrichment Facility Water Supply Line

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National Enrichment Facility Water Supply Line

National Enrichment Facility (2006-2010)
Lea County, New Mexico

The site is a Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulated and permitted site, and the first United States nuclear permitted site in almost 3 decades. The site began enriching uranium for power plant fuel stream in summer of 2010, with ongoing construction and development planned through 2016.

In May of 2009 after over 3 years of successful surveying on the construction site and related projects located 3 miles east of Eunice NM, PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES teaming with Wilson & Co., was selected by Louisiana Energy Services as the sole source provider for all Professional Surveying Services on the currently estimated 2 billion dollar National Enrichment Facility. This firm has successfully provided services to the project since inception in 2005, beginning with the original boundary survey provided for land swap agreements between the State of New Mexico and Lea County. We have continued to provide Professional Surveying Services to other subcontractors, and directly to the owner from startup of the project through the current contract aimed at providing all surveying services on the site. The types of work have included Boundary, Easements, Construction Staking, As-Built surveys, Quality Control and Verification surveys, etc. for completion of Site Grading, Buildings, Internal mechanical and industrial installations, Wet and Dry Utilities, Roadways, Drainage and reservoirs, fencing and all associated work on and off the site. The highly specialized NEF site requires certain survey tasks be performed within millimeter tolerances. This demands specialized effort and procedures to successfully accomplish the required results.



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