Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP)

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Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP)

The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, located 26 miles southeast of Carlsbad, New Mexico, is a disposal site for defense-related transuranic radioactive waste. The waste-emplacement panels are located approximately 2,150 feet below the ground surface. WIPP is a U.S. Department of Energy facility and is managed by Washington TRU Solutions. In conjunction with commencement of surface construction in 1981, Pettigrew began providing professional engineering and surveying services on site.

In 2003 Panel 1 was filled. PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES provided the Quality Management System for the Air Intake Drift (S-1950) and Air Exhaust Drift (S-1600) Explosion Isolation Walls. Facets of our Quality Assurance Program included the implementation of the Work Plan, Quality Control Plan, Inspection, Materials Testing, Project Submittals, and Project Documentation.

PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES provided construction inspection services to oversee the manufacture of concrete block for the Underground Panel 2 Closure. Services included preparation of a Facility Inspection Plan Document, Pre-Construction Batch Plant Inspection, daily plant inspection, management documentation, certification of block shipment and quality assurance testing.

As a qualified supplier for more than 20 years, PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES has provided civil site design, construction quality assurance, quality control, construction engineering, geotechnical engineering, materials engineering and construction staking for a variety of clients at the site for projects such as salt pile infiltration control, subsidence monitors, entrance road, exhaust shaft, and most recent water line reconstruction and the south access road.



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