Loco Hills Gas Storage Facility

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Monument Water System Improvements

The Loco Hills Gas Storage Facility (GSF) is located near Cedar Lake Draw on the Mescalero Plain within the Salado Formation, The upper Salado is characterized by reddish-gray to brown silt and clay. This zone forms a brine aquifer. The program of the Loco Hills GSF is to pump the brine out of the formation and store in a lined pond, while using the formation to store gas.

PETTIGREW & ASSOCIATES performed professional engineering and surveying services for the brine storage pond. Specific tasks included coordination of NM Oil and Conservation Division permitting, topographic and boundary surveys, storage pit design, materials engineering and construction services including field engineering, construction inspection, materials testing and construction staking.

This leached zone is significant because it often forms locally important brine aquifers (Hendrickson and Jones, 1953; Vine, 1963). The thickness of the Salado Formation is variable and the upper contact is irregular due to dissolution. The thickness ranges from 215 to 276 meters in the Cedar Lake area.

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