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Caprock Wind Ranch

Pettigrew & Associates, P.A. was asked to complete an ALTA survey of the Caprock Wind Ranch in Quay County, New Mexico. Cielo, one of the largest developers of wind power in the Southwest, established the site on 12,500 acres which included 1,840 acres of trust lands in 2004 to build the Caprock Wind Ranch 20 miles southeast of Tucumcari in Quay County, NM. The facility consists of 80 turbines – eight of which are located on state trust lands – and produces 80 megawatts of power to Xcel Energy-served homes across eastern New Mexico, the High Plains of Texas, the Oklahoma Panhandle, and southwestern Kansas. The term of the lease is 37 years. The beneficiaries of trust lands being leased are Public Schools (41.30%) and Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (58.70%).

Pettigrew’s scope included an ALTA boundary and design topographic survey across an area of 31 sections in four townships involving 14 landowners and state trust lands and retracing over 65 sections in order to complete the ALTA survey. The firm was in direct contact with land owners and stakeholders gaining access and research for the work. The surveys tasks included aerial photography combined with conventional and LiDar topographic mapping of a 31-square mile area encompassing the wind farm and a 15-mile 115Kv power transmission line. P&A was responsible for coordination of LiDAR subcontractors, as well as monitoring LiDAR data reduction and topographic data collection and evaluating the discrepancies between collection methodologies.

Pettigrew completed a large GPS control network to support the project. P&A was also responsible for developing boundary/easement plats and survey documents suitable for lease and easement exhibits along with review of Boundary/Lease evaluations. Pettigrew also performed design surveys and construction layout of transmission lines, substation, turbines and utility connection lines during construction.

Quay County, New Mexico

Cielo Wind Power

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