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Geodetic Surveying with GPS Control Network in New Mexico, Texas and other states

Project Primary GPS Control Networks.Within our surveying division, a GPS static and fast static control network forms the basis of all route and location surveys. Our familiarity with NGS databases and Internet resources ensures a solid network foundation. Our team has significant experience in designing, processing, and adjusting large control networks in conjunction with state plane coordinate systems. Team members have undergone a comprehensive Trimble training regimen. Our full complement of GPS equipment provides tremendous technological flexibility and leverage on large projects.

GPS Network Adjustments. The team uses Trimble Geomatics Office™, Trimble Business Center™, and Star*Net™ software, a rigorous 3D least squares adjustment package in order to carefully examine the baseline component residuals. Observations are processed on a daily basis and included in the minimally constrained adjustment. This approach allows for continuous quality control, which enables the attainment of the required accuracy specifications.

Survey Report. Upon completing the ground control phase, a Final Survey Report provides an executive summary of the survey and its results as well as a variety of other important information.

  • Network Location and Extent
  • Equipment Details
  • GPS and Loop Misclosures
  • Network Quality Indicators
  • Final Coordinate Listings

We have worked extensively with geodetic surveying clients in Midland TX, Hobbs NM, Carlsbad NM, Artesia NM, Roswell NM, Clovis, NM, Lubbock, TX, Amarillo, TX and other surrounding communities.




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