Trimble UX5 Drone

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Trimble UX5

Pettigrew & Associates strives to remain on the cutting edge of the technology curve when it comes to remote mapping and sensing using Photogrammetry. Pettigrew has a licensed and FAA certified pilot and has been authorized by the FAA for commercial use of our unmanned aerial system, the Trimble UX5.

The Trimble UX5 sets the standard in mapping and surveying by combining a robust and highly user-friendly system with a custom designed camera that offers the most impressive deliverables. Vastly reducing the time spent to gather data, our team can focus their energy on using and analyzing data and enhancing the quality and efficiency of projects. Pettigrew & Associates unmanned aerial system and pilot are not only working on our projects, but are available as a sub-consultant for our peers throughout New Mexico. Contact our offices at 575-393-9827 or click here to email us.


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